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Minty Fresh

Sweater/Design History; Shorts/Target; Espadrilles/Stuart Weitzman

Sweater/Design History; Shorts/Target; Espadrilles/Stuart Weitzman

As I’ve expressed, I am in love with the mint green that is all the rage this spring. I actually was ready to get rid of these espadrilles as I figured pastels would be “out,” and I haven’t worn them in over a year. I’m glad I kept them; they feel fresh to me now!

And, my son actually let me take a picture of him. Love my boy!


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Dressing Up Shorts

Blouse/J. Crew Blythe; Short/Vince; Necklace/White Moth; Shoes/DVF; Bracelet/Ann Taylor Loft and Alex & Ani

Blouse/J. Crew Blythe; Short/Vince; Necklace/White Moth; Shoes/DVF; Bracelet/Ann Taylor Loft and Alex & Ani

No more cooler weather for us, it’s shorts season in Florida. I love these leather shorts for a casual dinner out. I think they would look awesome with a tangerine tank as well.

I had two little helpers this day. Sofia and her friend Ava posed for the blog and had fun “modeling” their dinner outfits.


Sofia loves a good photobomb.

Sofia loves a good photobomb.


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White Blazer Part 2

Blazer/Elizabeth & James; Tee Shirt/Vince; Jeans/J.Crew;

Blazer/Elizabeth & James; Tee Shirt/Vince; Jeans/J.Crew; Shoes/Balenciaga; Necklace/Iossellini

After wearing the white blazer with the denim skirt, I decided to try it with jeans. I like this look much better. The proportion is better.


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Paging the Doctor


Blazer/Elizabeth & James; Blouse/Cynthia Steffe; Necklace/White Moth; Skirt/Ann Taylor; Sandals/Alexander Wang

I can’t say this turned out quite like I wanted it to. The white blazer is just a bit too long and it looks like a doctor coat! White shoes are hot this spring and summer. I like these because they’re more of an off-white.

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4 Places to Snag Designer Deals


I admit—I have champagne tastes. I think of my clothing as individual works of art, which is why I really love designer items. I tend to be drawn to the mid-priced, yet edgy, designer labels such as Vince, Rebecca Taylor, Rebecca Minkoff, Helmut Lang and more. But, mid-priced designer is still expensive. I never pay full price.

The truth is that finding deals is a sport. You have to be willing to put some work into it. For me, fashion is a passion. I pull pages out of magazines, scour blogs and check out new arrivals from my fave designers. The key is to have a short list of what you’re looking for.

Here are some strategies for stalking designer items so you can snatch them when they go on sale.

1. Shopstyle by POPSUGAR. This site allows you to tag favorites and be notified when they go on sale. Each day you’ll get an email with sales items from your favorite designers. Many times I’ll spot an item in a magazine, go to this site, tag it and wait for it to go on sale. I generally won’t buy a more expensive item until it goes 50 percent. Sure, I’ve lost out on some things I’ve really wanted, but it helps me from impulsive shopping, so the trade off is worth it.
Another shopping site to watch: Lyst

2. eBay. Sometimes eBay sellers will carry items currently in stores. Most times these prices are cheaper than buying from a traditional retailer. I go to eBay for past season items that I missed out on, basics (I love how soft Vince tee shirts are) and classic items such as jeans and blazers.

3. TJ Maxx. Our local TJ Maxx has a great selection of designer items. I’ve seen Diane Von Furstenberg, Vince and Theory recently. Always search the perimeter of the clothing section as that’s where they keep the better merchandise. But, don’t forget the sales racks. I recently got a Theory mint green sweater for $10 that was on the clearance rack.

4. Nordstrom Rack. OMG! This place is heaven. Plan on spending at least an hour going through the racks and trying things on. Skip the stuff in the front and head straight to the clearance racks. There you’ll find seasonal deals on designer items. They have a great selection of dresses, shoes and tops. They also have some jewelry deals. I’ve seen Alexis Bittar bangles and earrings for less than half price.

Check back soon as I reveal some of my other shopping strategies.

photo by: Roberto Trm

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I’m Obsessed: Spring/Summer Trends

Candy Colors
Trends I’m obsessed with this spring/summer:
1. Jazzy Jackets. Cardigans are so tired. I love the polished, unfussy look of these jackets. The tangerine-colored bomber is a fresh take on a blazer. The white denim moto jacket is seriously chill and can be worn for fall as well.
2. Mint Green. I’m so not a pastel girl, but I admit I’m really drawn to the mint green. I think it mixes easily with black for fall and white/yellow/tangerine/aqua for spring and summer. This envelope clutch is such a unique design. The shorts are a perfect sateen material that I can wear with a blouse and heels out to dinner.
3. Embroidered Jeans. I never really got into the patterned jeans trend. But, I think these embroidered jeans are so chic. The black lace really dresses up white jeans, so modern and fresh!
4. Candy-colored jewels. So fun! These colorful jewels have just the right amount of pizzazz for spring and summer. So on-trend for the colors of the season.
5. Sassy Stripes. While a hot trend right now, stripes are really a classic pattern to me. Rather than the usual blue and white stripes, go for a tangerine color.
6. Dressy Shorts. Combining several of my favorite trends—floral, brights and flowy—these loose silk shorts are stunning. With a white blazer, a bright top and neutral heels, this is a perfect date night outfit for steamy summer nights.
7. Wear-with-everything Sandals. With a European trip coming up, I want shoes that are stylish, yet comfy enough to wear walking the cobblestone all day. The top sandals are actually walking sandals, can you believe it? The bottom nautical sandals probably aren’t good for touring towns, but they’ll be great neutrals to go with all my summer outfits.


Now, this is about $3,000 worth of clothing and accessories. Keep checking back as I’m going to reveal some of my secrets for scoring these items cheaper.

Click on the picture above to find out the brands and prices of the items pictured.

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Mix it Up


Jacket/Helmut Lang; Tee Shirt/Vince; Necklace/H&M; Jeans/Old Navy; Sandals/Balenciaga

Wearing black and white is a popular trend right now, although I’m not sure this classic combo ever goes out of style. I added the statement necklace to add some interest to the outfit. Mint green is an obsession of mine now!

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Get It For Less: Alice & Olivia Cady Cuff Shorts

When I spot a good deal I want to share it with the world! Designer brand Alice & Olivia is known for its adorable and practical cady cuff shorts. Alas, they are expensive. Like, $187 expensive.

Alice and Olivia Cady Cuff Shorts/Revolve Clothing

Alice and Olivia Cady Cuff Shorts/Revolve Clothing

Fear not, Target has a version that is just as cute, promise! But, they’re a whole lot cheaper at $17.99 a pair. Check them out.

Target Sateen Shorts/Target.com

Target Sateen Shorts/Target.com

The Target shorts come in six colors including mint, coral and turquoise. I love them because they are the perfect length to wear with heels or flats.

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Jacket/Rebecca Taylor; Top/Ann Taylor; Jeans/Old Navy;

Jacket/Rebecca Taylor; Top/Ann Taylor; Jeans/Old Navy; Booties/Rag and Bone; Necklace/Iossellini

A great jacket can be dressed up or down and this is a great jacket. Wear it with jeans and a tee shirt for a dinner out or over a dress for a fancier look.

Magpie Styling Tip: I saw this jacket in December and wanted it so badly, but it was $500. When I see things like this I save them to Pinterest, add a search on ebay and mark them on Shop Style by POPSUGAR, which is a searchable shopping site that allows you to tag favorites and get notifications when your faves go on sale. It saves me from making impulse buys, and it helps me weed out items that later don’t seem like must-haves. This jacket stuck in my brain and every once in awhile I would do an Internet search to see if it was on sale somewhere. When it first went on sale in January, it was only marked down about $100. I waited it out. Finally, at the end of February, a website had it for $175. I searched the Internet for coupon codes for that site and found a 20 percent off coupon plus free shipping. It was mine. I’ve worn it four times since then. Just a little money-saving tip for you!

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Why I Cut Gwyneth Paltrow Some Slack

Gwyneth Paltrow vino a divertirse a El Hormiguero

Geez, will everyone just get off Gwyneth Paltrow’s back already? The media has a field day cutting her down about her fad diets, her holier-than-thou speeches and her pricey picks for spring fashion. Media outlets around the world report that Gwyneth is out of touch with reality, has horrible hair and her kids are starving. She was speared for her promotion of Net-a-Porter.com and the “$20,000 spring wardrobe.” C’mon people, smart fashionistas know that they can recreate the outfits she highlighted with look-alike items from less expensive stores. Besides, Vogue and other fashion magazines promote this uber-expensive clothing on a regular basis. I don’t hear anyone bashing them.

What I don’t understand is why the backlash against her? Despite it all, I like her. In some strange way, I relate to her.

To me, Gwyneth is going through much the same transformation I went through. She’s finally accepting herself and using her passions to drive her success.

My confidence and sense of self became clear in my mid-30s. I freed myself from toxic people, found solace in exercise and, for the first time in my life, was truly happy with my body and with the direction in which my life was heading. Getting dressed was something I got excited about, and I wanted to share my newly found “secrets” with everyone. But, it wasn’t just about my new body; it was about my new outlook on life. I was happier, more confident and more willing to put myself out there. Judgment from others didn’t matter as much to me. In fact, I was more willing to pursue the things for which I had always been passionate—fashion, exercise, travel, writing. Fear had always kept me from revealing my true self and things had changed.

While Gwyneth is certainly a 1 percent-er, I find her to be honest and, shall I say, somewhat normal for a wealthy celebrity. She’s making a business out of the things that interest her. While that certainly doesn’t make her an expert, it does make her more interesting to me.

I believe in the power of female entrepreneurs. Isn’t that truly what she is? Why can’t we support other women knowing that they’re doing what they’re passionate about? I say more power to Goop.



photo by: ElHormiguero

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