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Review: Grand Floridian’s Senses Day Spa


I have a confession to make … I loathe getting pedicures, spa treatments and getting my hair done. Don’t get me wrong, I love the end result, but all I can think of when I’m at those places is how much work I still have to finish and how many errands I still have to run before the witching hour of 3:30 p.m. when my daughter gets home from school. That said, I never turn down a FREE day at the spa, so when Senses, a Disney Spa at the Grand Floridan Resort & Spa in Orando invited me [on behalf of PLAYGROUND magazine] to try out a service and tour the joint, I was all over it.
Now, here’s where all my quirks come out. I could choose from a wide array of services, including a Swedish massage (nope, am too ticklish, plus I don’t like people touching me), a rejuvenating citrus facial (um, no again, I have rosacea and sometimes facials aggravate it), a citrus/mint or sugar body treatment (again with touching), a manicure or pedicure. Since my toes hadn’t been done since Christmas, I settled on the pedicure.
The spa itself is gorgeous. The theme is Relax, Renew, Imagine, so when you walk in you can choose from three different juices that are guaranteed to relax, renew or, well, imagine you. I decided to get my creative juices flowing with the imagine mango juice. In true Disney style, they had a beautiful mosaic in the wet room, complete with Mickey Mouse ears hidden in the tiles, a large waiting room with cushy chairs, lots of magazines and even curtains so you can hide away from the common folk. The basil/cucumber water was refreshing, seriously, much better than it sounds. But, the coup de grace was the chocolate-banana muffins. Yum!



Banana/Chocolate HEALTHY muffins

Since my pedicure wasn’t until 10 a.m., I had about 30 minutes to relax. But, Tracey don’t do relaxing… No, I brought my computer and started working. I realize most people don’t go to a spa to whip out a computer and work, but that’s the way I roll. FYI: They don’t have a WI-FI network available, although they said they were working on it.
Once I was called to my pedicure, the fun began. My pedicurist, Luhong, was sweet as can be [She told me I looked 10 years younger than I am. Who cares if she just wanted a bigger tip. She earned it. Love her!] and it was a lively crowd in the treatment room. I didn’t even open my computer or a magazine as I was having too much fun talking to others in the room. All the instruments are autoclaved (is that a verb?), and they use vegan nail polish (as close to organic as you can get for chemicals you put on your nails.) I chose a neon pink.
Alas, the experience was over and I was heading home with perfect toes and a bag full of goodies. Got a free day? Head over to Senses, it’s totes (I hate that word, don’t you?) worth it. They also do girls’ nights out, wedding parties and even offer kids’ services.


More info about Senses, a Disney Spa, here.