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Posts from — May 2011

eBay Tips & Deals

The other day my sister in law texted me with this message, “Do you really own all the clothes you feature on your blog? Where do you keep it all?” Now, my sister in law lives in the same neighborhood as me and has seen my closet. OK, I’m not gonna lie, it’s packed, but I’m in a constant state of editing my clothing. I try to get rid of one item for every item I buy. And, I generally resell on ebay (or give to my sister!)

Honestly, I buy most of my clothing on ebay. I love that I have such a wide variety of items from which to choose at mostly affordable prices. I offered tips for getting a perfect fit from ebay and tips for using ebay. The fact is using ebay to buy clothing is just like going to a consignment shop. Here are some of my recent bargains:

DVF Gunita Wavy Ruffled skirt: $57 plus $5 shipping

Which leads to tip No. 1: Be patient. I saw this skirt on the DVF Look of the Week and REALLY wanted it. But, even the sale price was too high, like $200. So, I seached ebay. No luck, they were all over $100. I set up a search [DVF Gunita and DVF skirt]Ā  that sends new listings directly to my email. Finally a seller listed this skirt for a starting bid of $30. Now, it was a size 12, so I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to alter down to a 4 or 6. But, I took a chance. Turns out, it’s simple to alter, cost me $10. It took me 5 months of watching to finally get this skirt. Total paid: $72, not cheap but reasonable for a designer skirt.

Equipment Sandwashed Satin Blouse $26 plus $5 shipping.

Tip No. 2: Find Basics on a Budget
Most of the basic tee shirts I get are from Target or other discount stores. Blouses are different. I love Theory, Equipment and some other higher priced brands for quality blouses. They hang better and the fabrics are to die for. This Equipment blouse retails for a whopping $198 on Revolve Clothing. Never would I spend that much. My wardrobe was lacking a neutral color blouse (no, seriously it was!) so I started a search of Theory and Equipment blouses. Again, new listings get pushed to my email. This one popped up, and I saved it on my watch list. I was shocked when the auction was just about over and it had only one bid. So, I put on a last minute bid and it’s now mine. Plus, it was in better shape than the pictures even showed. Total Paid: $31

DVF Moore Wood Wedge (Mine are brown with straps that are a tan with blue and red) $51 (in the box with the dust bag) plus $8 shipping

Tip No. 3: Know Your Size
Every brand runs differently and they’re not always consistent. I know what size I take but I also ask the seller to measure the inside of the footbed so I can compare how long they are with how long my foot is. I took a chance as this seller only had 8 feedback (all positive). It was a chance worth taking, they fit, are barely worn and super cute. IĀ  sanitized them before wearing and it’s all good! By the way, these retailed for $300!

May 28, 2011   2 Comments

The Dress

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I went consignment shopping the other day and bought the coolest dress. If you’re in College Park, check out Top Drawer Consignments. They have tons of designer clothing, some priced reasonably and some not so much.

Went out with the girls for dinner and wore my new dress. I didn’t have much time to really style the jewelry. I think I would do something a little different next time. But, I love the dress, it’s bold, comfy and really stands out.

The Outfit Deets
Dress: Nicole Miller via consignment
Shoes: Alaia via Bluefly.com
Necklaces: Vintage tassel and Banana Republic
Purse: Michael Kors via TJ Maxx

Totally my favorite shoes now! I just wish they were a little lower.

May 26, 2011   3 Comments

I Like the Links

Running late for church, so I built my outfit around this link necklace. But, it was boring with the olive shirt, so I added a touch of color with a necklace and some bracelets.

The Outfit Deets
Blouse: Ann Taylor Loft
Jeans: 7 For All Mankind Bell Bottom
Shoes: Banana Republic
Necklace: Chain link: Adia Kibur tortoise shell necklace and floral necklace from ETSY
Belt: J Crew
Bracelets: Vintage Bakelite

May 25, 2011   Comments Off on I Like the Links

Easy Breezy

It was my birthday last week, yeah me! šŸ™‚ I worked most of the day but took the afternoon to run to a few consignment stores searching for bargains. I found one dress that I can’t wait to get back from the dry cleaner and wear. I wore this outfit out shopping.

The Outfit Deets
Blouse: Anthropologie
Jeans: J Brand via Ebay (They drove me nuts as they are too big in the waist. So, I ended up taking the belt off the outside and putting it around my waist underneath the blouse.)
Belt: Target
Shoes: Jeffery Campbell via Nordstrom’s Rack
Bracelet: Angela Caputi

May 24, 2011   1 Comment


I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a big Spring/Summer shopper. I find it much easier to pass things up in the warmer months. I’m a sucker for the Fall/Winter clothing; I just like the styles better and it’s so hot here that sundresses and shorts are a necessity, no cute jackets or layers.

I recently went consignment shopping and am super excited about wearing the floral Nicole Miller dress I found. I’ll feature the dress I got on the blog soon. It’s at the dry cleaner now. I also found a fab gold Chanel belt. For a mere $750 (SECOND HAND!) it can be yours. I passed…

I’m also giddy with excitement about the item I recently bought from Ann Taylor. A silk jumpsuit. Yep, a jumpsuit.

I want to accessorize this with some turquoise jewelry: a chunky necklace, a thin belt, some colorful sandals. The 70s trends are full on right now and I love them!

What 70s trend are you rockin’ right now? Flares? Blouses? Midi skirts? Tube Socks?

May 23, 2011   1 Comment

I’m Checkin’ You Out

Yep, when I run into you at school or Panera Bread, I’m checking you out. I’m admiring how you look so effortless in a sundress, how cool your belt is, that your hair looks great in a ponytail.

What I’m not doing:

Trying to figure out where you got something so that I can judge how much money you spent
Trying to figure out how much you spent on something
Frowning upon your non-designer outfit
Thinking you look fat, frumpy or otherwise unattractive

The truth is personal style is just that: personal. And, if you take the time to dress nicely and pull yourself together, who am I, or anyone else, to judge? If you like what you’re wearing and feel good, that’s all that matters, right? Honestly, I can always find something I like about an outfit, even if it isn’t “my style.” It might be the pattern, the color, the way you wore a belt, the jewelry you chose to go with it. And, I could care less how much you spent, whether or not you own designer clothing or how old your shoes are.

I know that not every style I wear flatters my body. I know that not every outfit I wear is universally liked. And, sometimes I do let others influence what I wear. I shouldn’t. When determining your personal style, look at what you feel best in. Think about the colors, the cuts, the fabrics. Then, build from there. Feel most comfortable in boyfriend jeans and a black tee shirt? Add a colorful belt and wedge sandals. Sundresses more your style? Kick it up a notch with sunglasses that have colored plastic rims or a bold necklace. And the next time I see you, I’ll be checking you out girl!

May 22, 2011   3 Comments

School Spirit

My son has his end-of-season high school baseball banquet last week. I didn’t really plan on wearing school colors (black and gold) but it turned out that way. I originally had this with a reddish-orange belt but I couldn’t figure out what shoes to wear. So, I put black and it worked, both outfit-wise and school colors-wise!

The Outfit Deets
Blouse: TJ Maxx
Pants: Banana Republic
Shoes: Banana Republic Caged Heels
Bracelet: L.A.M.B by Gwen Steffani via TJ Maxx
Earrings: JewelMint

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This Skirt is Still Kickin’

Instead of the sequins shorts in my previous post, I decided to wear this outfit. I bought this skirt about 9 years ago in New York City. It is Tahari and I loved the pattern so much that I bought the matching top. I doubt I’ll ever wear them together though as it’s a bit much. It’s funny, I’m constantly editing my closet but there are things I just never seem to get rid of and this skirt is one of them. I love the pattern, and it’s a classic style, a true keeper.

The Outfit Deets
Blouse: Banana Republic
Skirt: Tahari
Belt: Ann Taylor
Shoes: Caged heels from Banana Republic
Bracelets: Angela Caputi

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Sequins Shorts Anyone?

I so wanted to wear this outfit the other night. But, I felt like the blazer was just a touch too long. It looked like I wasn’t wearing anything underneath it. But, looking at the pictures, I really liked how it turned out. I should have worn it…

The Outfit Deets
Blouse: Banana Republic
Shorts: Diane Von Furstenberg DVF via ebay
Jacket: Elizabeth and James via ebay
Shoes: Adrienne Vittadini via Marshalls
Necklace: TJ Maxx
Sparkle Black Belt: Ann Taylor Loft

May 16, 2011   2 Comments

Spring Leather

OK, so this whole spring leather thing…so not for Florida. What did I learn wearing a leather skirt in 90-something degree heat? First, leather sticks to you. Second, no matter how thin the leather, it’s damn hot. Third, I will NEVER wear leather in the Spring or summer again–unless I will exclusively be in air conditioning. Oh, and to all you naysayers who think mini skirts can’t be worn by those over 35, to you I say: Phooey… šŸ™‚ As long as my butt isn’t showing and it’s not tight, I think it’s totally do-able.

The Outfit Deets
Tee Shirt: Target Boyfriend Tee
Necklaces: Tassel necklaces from Banana Republic
Skirt: Diane Von Furstenberg DVF McClure Leather Skirt via ebay
Shoes: Steve Madden Sandals

Leather jackets, dresses and skirts are very in for Spring. I love the way designers are moving away from traditional brown and black leather to gold, nude and even oranges. For us Floridians, leather jackets and dresses only work in late, late fall, winter and maybe, just maybe, a few weeks in early Spring. A skirt can work if you’re going out to dinner and will be in air conditioning…unfortunately, I sat outside for a meeting, then stayed at the playground with my daughter after school—in the scorching heat.

May 13, 2011   2 Comments