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Posts from — January 2011

Bright Tights

I had a meeting with the founders of Playground magazine today. I wanted to brighten up an otherwise functional outfit with a little pop of color. So, I decided to wear these mustard yellow tights–blinding!

The Outfit Deets
Dress: Ann Taylor Loft
Belt: Fancy Drifter Designs (I think from TJ Maxx)
Necklaces: Alisa Michelle and Etsy
Tights: Hue
Boots: Frye Melissa
Bracelets: Neiman Marcus special promotion 2010

January 31, 2011   3 Comments

My Girl Likes to Party

I’m a little behind in my blogging due to a busy week of sports injuries (my son’s) and party planning (my daughter’s). She celebrated her 5th birthday in style with a candy/art theme. Just so you know, I love coming up with ideas for crafts and decorating but I don’t enjoy the “making them” part. So, even I was surprised at how cute these lollipop trees came out!

Now, I know this is a style blog, but I thought you might like to see how the party decor turned out.

How to Make a Budget Lollipop Tree

What you need: Styrofoam cone, foam paintbrush, paint (thick), glitter, plastic base (I used a square plastic candle holder from the Dollar Store), 25 lollipops for each tree.

Use hot glue to glue the base to the tree.
Paint the tree (or a friend used modge podge to put a thick coat of glue on the tree.)
Sprinkle glitter over the paint.
Stick the lollipops into the styrofoam.

Now, this is the easy, non crafty way to do it. Martha Stewart has a much more crafty (read, harder and expensive) way to do it here.

January 31, 2011   1 Comment

Tough Cookie

Truth be told, I didn’t feel like getting dressed when I put this on. I just pulled things that looked comfy and threw them on. And, if I must say, I felt like one tough B*&%#–my face says it all! Every once in awhile I like to go all biker babe on my family. They love it.

The Outfit Deets
Leather Moto Jacket: White House/White Market (2009)
Chambray Shirt: J Crew (2010)
Jeans: Tory Burch Metallic leggings (2010)
Boots: Madewell Biker (2010)
Scarf: Alexander McQueen knock off
Sunglasses: Gucci (2008)
Bag: Banana Republic (2009)

January 28, 2011   Comments Off on Tough Cookie

That 70s Thing…Again

Wednesdays are generally my errand-running day. My daughter doesn’t have preschool and we run errands and play with friends. This Wednesday was no different except it was a day-long marathon. We left the house at 9:30am and didn’t get back until 3pm. I had some time to kill before picking my son up at school, so I hit Orlando Vintage, a local vintage store. And, I blew it. My no-spending-on-clothing January is no longer. I’ll show you what I got in another post.

In honor of my vintage visit, here’s some 70s fun for you!

The Outfit Deets
Blouse: Johnny Was
Jeans: Genetic
Belt: I think Banana Republic
Necklace: J Crew
Clogs: Banana Republic

January 27, 2011   2 Comments

Hear Me Roar

It’s been a little crazy this week so I haven’t been able to post a whole lot. But, here’s a quickie outfit I wore running errands the other day. It felt so effortless yet put together. One accessory can really make an outfit!

The Outfit Deets
Sweater: J Crew
Jeans: Tory Burch
Boots: Frye Melissa
Necklace: Target River Island

January 26, 2011   Comments Off on Hear Me Roar

Sweater Dress Two Ways

It was party time this weekend as my mother in law’s four sisters and one brother came in to town to celebrate the oldest sister’s 70th birthday. Saturday night we all (28 of us!) went to a local restaurant for live music, drinks and appetizers. I originally had the brown boots on, but felt it was too “day time” to wear out. And,  I really wanted to use my new purse, which just didn’t mix with the brown. So, I switched to grey ankle boots. When I wear this with the brown boots, I will wear gold jewelry, I don’t like the silver with it.

Before I changed:

The Outfit Deets
Sweater Dress: Ann Taylor Loft
Necklace: Ann Taylor Tassel and Alisa Michelle “Create”
Belt: I think Banana Republic, it’s old.
Boots: Frye Melissa Boots via consignment
Bracelets: Vintage, Brighton, Banana Republic Feather cuff and a watch from Target
Purse: Coach (Christmas gift from hubby)

After: This is much more appropriate with the purse.

The Outfit Deets
Everything the same as above except:
Belt: Tory Burch Metallic Wrap Belt
Ankle Boots: Banana Republic Ruffle Boots

The Accessories

January 24, 2011   3 Comments

Weekly Ebay Deals: Ikat Print

I love the Ikat print, it’s become my new favorite! So, this week’s ebay deals revolve around ikat print items. From left:

1. Vintage Ikat Sheath Dress: WOW, I love this. Currently $85 Buy it now. No size listed so you have to go by measurements and the seller doesn’t have stellar feedback. But, the dress was so cute, I had to show you.

2. DDC LAB Fire Ikat Floral Print A-Line Skirt / Small. Love this bright print. Only $9.99.

3. Tory Burch Tazmin Ikat silk tunic $375, xs, sm 0 top. I want this! Too bad it’s too small. Decent seller feedback and at $79.99.

4. Tonlani Ikat Peacock Beaded Scarf. Not exactly a deal at $84 buy it now, but very pretty!

5. White House/Black Market Ikat Maxi Dress. $42. Perfect for summer!

6. Ya Ya Yellow & Brown Tunic. Would be awesome with some wedges or espadrilles and skinny jeans!

7. Tory Burch Lisa Ikat Skirt. Only $9.99, size 6, seller has 100% positive feedback!


8. Ikat clutch. LOVE this!

9. Ikat Pillow. I think I’m going to re-do my guest room in this print. I love these colors but will search for brown, pumpkin and chartreuse.

January 22, 2011   Comments Off on Weekly Ebay Deals: Ikat Print

Black, White and Red–All Over!

Went out to lunch with a college sorority sister yesterday and had a blast. I love catching up with old friends. But, it was one of those day. Since I was working, I lost track of time and had to rush out of my yoga pants and into an outfit. I originally had this on with skinny jeans and ankle boots but it looked too much like “middle-aged mom trying too hard.” Any hoo, I’m still not completely happy with this look…but I love this jacket!

The Outfit Deets
Jacket: Diane Von Furstenberg (2009)
Top: Gap, love the tomato color!
Jeans: J Brand
Boots: J Crew Metropolitan
Belt: Ann Taylor
Necklace: “Create” necklace from Alisa Michelle

January 21, 2011   3 Comments

70s Flair

Putting on these flare jeans makes me want to go all 70s on you guys! So, I pulled out one of my vintage belts! It’s the now way to go 70s! And, because I’m always cold, even though it’s in the 70s here (bah da dum), I threw on a vintage-y ikat print cardigan.

The Outfit Deets
Blouse: Madewell
Jeans: Seven for All Mankind Flare
Belt: Vintage
Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft Ikat Leopard
Shoes: (sorry you can’t see them!) Banana Republic brown croc espadrille wedges
Necklace: Alisa Michelle, seen in a better picture here

January 19, 2011   1 Comment

Zig Zag

I love this dress and have worn it a few ways. Today, I’m wearing it with tights and ankle boots. But, I’ve worn it as a tunic belted over jeans as well.

The Outfit Deets
Dress: M Missoni (2009)
Belt: The Limited (2008)
Ankle Boots: Ann Taylor Margo Slouch Bootie (2009)
Bracelets: Feather bracelet from Banana Republic, others are vintage

January 18, 2011   1 Comment